Part 2



Monday’s class began with a draping workshop, however it was not a typical way of draping, we were told to use wooden sticks to first create a shape and then drape fabric over it. At first I wasn’t sure how am I supposed to create a garment idea/inspiration from connecting sticks together with electrical tape, but later on I realized that this exercise helped me translate shapes and ideas I initially had in my head or in my sketchbook into a 3D form. We were told that since it’s a workshop we don’t have to include it in our projects but I decided to print some of the images I took of my draping and use it as a part of my design development. Later on in class we were divided into groups and were supposed to create a draping all together. Since some of us did a knitting workshop and some of us did a draping workshop, we were told to show each other how to either hand knit or drape in order to create a garment inspiration as a group. My group was very involved and together we created an interesting mixture of draping and knitting, which I have also decided to include in my sketchbook, both as images and observational drawings. Today’s class showed me a completely new and helpful way of translating our 2D ideas into 3D ideas that can be later used by us to develop our designs


During our pocket workshop, we were told to create intriguing pockets and do a bit of pocket research in our sketchbooks. The first pocket that I did was hand knitted, with a simple right twist stich. I decided to create another knitted pocket however created with various knit stiches combined together to create an interesting pattern. I later moved onto sewing my pockets, One of them was very simple, with two slits on the sides and on the front of the second one I sew various types of folds and a simple back. Later I connected them all together with metal rings and a knitted handle and created a sort of a top or sleeve, which I also later included in my design development in my sketchbook and combined it with my draping from Monday. Sometimes I get so caught up on designing the full garment rather than focusing on details and today’s workshop reminded me and taught me that sometimes in order to add something interesting to your design or in order to add a technical quality to it you can include things like pockets, zippers etc.



Today we were focusing on traditional draping, which can also help you with developing your designs. We were supposed to cut of two shapes – either a circle, rectangle or square and put them on our model – in this case a classmate and create different draping effects with the shapes by using pins. I decided to use two rectangles, a smaller and bigger one. I decided to create a number of completely different draping’s and then focus on one that I liked in particular and moved onto developing and changing it further. Later I decided to redo the draping exercise on a mannequin, which I found much easier, as you can pin certain parts of the fabric onto the mannequin first and then pin the pieces of fabric together. Even after redoing the draping exercise I wasn’t very satisfied with the final outcome and decided to print them out and draw over them to visualize my ideas in a clear and understandable way.


Today we went to the Kings Cross campus to create color stories and sculptures together. I was given a color purple so a brought different purple objects I found in my flat, like a purple bottle, fabric spray, trash bag. While we were in Kings Cross we were told to meet in our color groups and lay them out on the floor outside the school, from the darkest shade of purple to the lightest. Later we were divided into smaller groups, and in each one of them there was a person from a different color group. We were told to arrange our objects into sculptures and create interesting color combinations. We later drew them. When we came back to archway our tutors introduced us to an artist who created interesting sculptures by combining found objects either on the streets of London or around the house, we later were supposed to create our own sculptures, using the objects we brought to class today. Honestly at first I wasn’t very sure what was today’s class about, however I found the arranging of our color objects together very helpful to my research and design development to this 2 week project, I collaged the pictures I have taken of the objects and stuck them in my sketchbook and later included them in my design development.



During our morning session we first drew our sculptures, we were told to focus on an interesting section of it. I decided to create both drawings and collages. Later we were to create 4 textile samples inspired by our sculptures and earlier research included in our sketchbooks. I decided to take my time and experiment with different weaving, knitting and stitching effects and combine them with watercolor and paper folding. I really enjoyed today’s class, we were working at a slow pace, and each one of us had a chance to talk to our tutor about our work witch doesn’t usually happen during our classes. I had a chance to create a range of interesting samples that I was very satisfied with and later incorporated them in my designs.


Last day of classes ended with a crit. We were given post it notes and were supposed to write our comments about our classmates work. I always find walking around and looking at other people’s work very stressful, however it usually motivates me to improve my work. I try not to compare myself to other but on such a competitive course I find that almost impossible. After the crit I found myself so mentally drained and overwhelmed with all the amazing work I just saw That I couldn’t concentrate on tasks that we were given later on during class, however I left school with an ambition to work some more on my project.


Today we had a couple BA students come in to our class to show us their work and explain the interview process to us, it was a very worthwhile experience, since we got to see how we should lay out our portfolio’s, what is expected of us to include in them and how does a successful portfolio look like. I feel less stressed after today, now that I know what I’m supposed to do in order to get into a desired BA course (hopefully) I also found the way in which BA students layed out their work quite similar to what I’d with my work. Later on we were supposed to create our own mock portfolio pages, and I’m very thankful that I now have an idea how they are supposed to look like.


Today we focused on working on improving our development sheets and fashion illustrations. To be honest I'm never sure what am I supposed to include in them, it seems like every tutor has a different view and opinion on whether it should be drawings of our designs, ideas, or should we include out textile samples in them too. I decided to do both drawings and samples and then I scanned my samples and incorporated them into my designs. We were also discussing how we should layout our portfolio pages - how not to overcrowd them with too many images, drawings and samples, create a visual narrative, so that our portfolio can tell a story on it's own. 


Our last day of classes before the Christmas break, we had a couple of hours to finish up our mock portfolio sheets and developments sheets before a group critique. During our group crits usually no one is actually critiquing others work, since most of the time there's nothing negative we can say about their work, however I find this exercise very helpful, when it comes to talking about my research, inspirations and justifying why I designed or did something in such a way and not differently, it's also very uplifting to hear all of the other students opinions about my work. After the criterion all of fashion and textiles students rushed to Kings Cross to see the White Show. I was absolutely astonished with the majority of the garments, it's amazing how an all white garment can be so intriguing. I must say that while some of them were extremely unusual and well made, some of them weren't;t so exciting to look at, and sometimes even looked quite rushed and undone. 


Since I haven’t been back home since August I decided for my lanyard project to be about my country and especially concern the town that I’ve lived for 18 years – Warsaw. I didn’t know where or how to start so first I visited a couple of places that I used to go a lot – Savior Square, the center, my neighborhood, a couple of café and shops that I would visit regularly. The first thing that I’ve realized is that this city – surely feels familiar to me, feels like home, but It’s just not the same after moved to London, for some reason, and only sometimes it feels foreign, I honestly don’t know how to explain it. The second thought that I had was that Warsaw is a pretty ugly city – especially in winter (and especially on those days when the temperature drops down to -10:) Another thing that I’ve realized walking the streets of Warsaw is that they’re full of police cars and officers (oh I wonder why), and old ladies. I didn’t give it a further thought and decided to spontaneously start my research by collages and brief sketches of Warsaw in order to see where that will lead my research to. I took my own pictures as well and decided to create collages with them



Today I realized that all the main squares in Warsaw are named by churches that are in the center of them. Since Poland is a very traditional and a stereotypically “religious” country I decided to go into that direction. Then I thought about the past year that I spent in Warsaw – engaging myself in numerous protests especially those against the abortion ban tellingly called “Black Days” or simply “Black Protest”. I decided to focus on the Violent police officers whom I encountered taking part in the protests. All of them were wearing police vests, a police vest is a type of an identification – they have a name “police” displayed either in the middle part or to the left or right on their chests, I thought that it’s a perfect start for my lanyard project, and decided to further research them, their structure and collage the onto bodies, do a couple initial designs.


Moving on from the police vests I stumbled upon a thing called “Police lanyard”, I had no clue that something like that exists to be honest, I found out that police officers wear them on special occasions, I decided to research them further and look at different types, colors, I found out that there are no ‘different types’ there’s only one so I went on to researching the knotting technique they use to create them, it’s called a serpentine, it’s a very simple and quick way of creating a long decorative rope that you can hang on or around your body, or even attach something to it to display something, I could’ve decided to revolve my whole design around it but instead I decided to add it to my previous process and incorporate it into my vest-inspired designs.


I wanted to add something exciting to my research, after a night out in Warsaw, while I was coming back in a taxi I realized something, something so iconic and well-known about this city, so I wasn’t such a brilliant realization – Warsaw is full of neon lights. The next day I decided to watch a famous movie about neon lights in Warsaw and their importance in our culture, after the movie I quickly added them into my collages and research – finally my designs started to be more interesting, and more colorful. I’ve moved onto creating textile samples involving the shapes that I found on the neon lights as well as the knotting techniques.


As my winter break was coming to an end I worked really hard to finish up my project, I began developing my designs further and further, but I have stumbled upon an another realization – that police officers during the protests remined me of guardian angles, guarding the country, city and is said to the church country and Holy Mary is said to our queen (I know it sounds crazy, we even have a whole SONG about Holy Mary being the queen of Poland, I honestly don’t know how to explain it) and since the church is now highly influencing the government and their decisions – especially the proposed abortion ban, I saw them as some sort of guardian angels. I liked the idea of adding a bit of religion into my research, living in a traditional country and family, I never had a choice not to believe in god or participate in religious traditions and events – now that I’m an adult and can fully decide on everything that I’d like to do or believe in I’ve started to question through my art and designs.


First day back in school, I have to admit I wasn’t thrilled, but for some reason I was happy to be back in London. A lot of people decided not to show up, so the crit of our lanyard projects is supposed to happen tomorrow. We had some time to finish up our projects and talk to the tutors about it. I focused on finishing up my sketchbook and my lanyard, had a chance to have a small talk with a tutor about my inspirations and reasons for a couple design decisions. We didn’t really do much expect for what‘ve described above, overall it was a nice and chill day at school I liked it.


The day started with a crit, we were showing our lanyard projects. I must admit the crits really stress me out, I always compare myself the everyone else and feel kinda shitty, whenever I see other peoples work. I need to stop doing that, but it’s not a secret that there’s a some kind of competition between us fashion students so I guess maybe that’s why I feel like that. But the thing I love about them is when we get into groups and start critiquing our own work and each others work, I find it very inspiring and helpful, and the whole environment feels less competitive. After the crit and wrote down all the comments that I have received from my classmates and I was very inspired and ready to go back home, to work some more on my work and piece and improve it. After the crit we were sent back home to start our denim project on think about our inspirations for it.



After a full day of research - we went back to school to do some more research in our sketchbooks (how exciting – no but actually – I was excited and still am) we were working for a couple of hours, our tutor said that we need to improve our drawing skills so we were told to bring a pair of jeans and draw it in different mediums in a continues line. However the power went out and we were told to go to Kings Cross to do some research. Since I’ve already decided for my project to be quite sensual, I’ve looked up how patterns for underwear and corsets, and I found a book about an Italian denim brand Fiorucci that became my main inspiration for the project.


I further developed my denim project and looked at Edward Westons sensual pictures of vegetables, Anna Skladmann's pictures of flowers dissolved in liquids and Elsworth Kelly. 


At school we were working on our portfolios, and denim projects, we basically sat down in class and did our sketchbooks. I had my research printed out and tried to plan it in my sketchbooks maybe move onto doing some designs. I'm getting a little bit stressed out because of the upcoming interviews.


The day of my portfolio tutorial. I have to admit - I've never felt more down because of something. I really, really try to do my work the best I can, to create things that I'm happy with and do my projects according to what I believe in and just do me, do the best I can. Unfortunately my tutor wants very fond of my work, I could tell that she didn't like it that much, I've been told that I'm not a strong drawer, even though I considered myself a strong drawer before, and that my portfolio is not looking great, my sketchbooks as well. Sometimes I'm really confused as to what should I do in order for my tutors to like it. I did feel pretty down I tried really hard not to show it, but it motivated me, I tried not to take it so personally and just do what I believe in


We kept working on our denim projects, I did some draping with jeans pockets since they fitted my aesthetic and theme of being kind of sensual, I think they are the most sensual part of the jeans.

Inwards Outwards Project

Since I’ve been working on my portfolio very very hard for the past week and I plan to work on it for another one and my interviews are on Monday and Friday I did not find a single second to do a sketchbook for my inwards outwards project – so please forgive me. But I’m here to bring it up a notch on workflow.


My week started off pretty great, I woke up with a sinus infection and an eye infection! So the first thing that I did online was email the FE office to inform them about my little problem and maybe push the dates of my interviews further.


And since the project calls for a counter behavior, thanks to my sinus and eye infection – I didn’t get any sleep for a week since I had to take my medicine every single hour. And I usually sleep for 10 to 12 hours.




I know that the project says that I should include my bank statements here but I’m very very scared to check my account balance, so I’m not going to show that here. Instead I can just say that I spent way too much money.

Since I never go shopping or to expensive restaurants this time I decided to listen to the project brief and I went shopping, treated myself with some Wholefoods groceries, not Tesco (I regretted that at the moment I saw the amount I have to pay and the fact that I keep forgetting that they do not accept student discount) and went to expensive restaurants, I’d usually go to ByChloe, ThaiMetro, but this weekend I went to Roka and Milos. And I went to Selfridges and not a vintage store for a little shopping spree.


I found out that spend up to 2 hours on Instagram everyday and that the only form of social media I use. That’s pretty bad, so I cut down to an hour


The thing that I photograph most frequently is myself (I hate myself for writing that)

Some recent photos of myself:



I didn’t really travel that much this week and I usually don’t, I just go to school and that’s it since I live in the center. But this weekend I decided to see my friends so I did – I went to Angel and Elephant and Castle and Essex.





My search history, it’s pretty boring, and please ignore the fact that I googled non-surgical nose job, but I guess it shows that I have insecurities.


Project Proposal Template